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Signup bonuses, and the referral reward value change from country to country. For example, in Canada, when you invite a friend to join Airbnb, and they’ll get $45 CAD toward their first trip. Once they complete a trip, you’ll get a $25 CAD travel credit.


TikTok的最新增长战略被称为TikTok Rewards,根据该应用的通知,它让用户 "用积分兑换你最喜欢的商店的酷炫奖品"。TikTok的用户可以通过一个独特的邀请码邀请朋友加入该应用来收集积分。 推荐计划中有一些里程碑,所以它不是一个明确的奖励。 奖励包括 2000个TikTok积分可获得10美元星巴克礼品卡 3000 TikTok积分可获得15美元AMC影院礼品卡 1000点TikTok积分可获得5美元Uber礼品卡 以2000点TikTok积分换取10美元的丝芙兰礼品卡 用1000点TikTok积分换取5美元的Domino's礼品卡 用10美元的沃尔玛礼品卡换取2000点TikTok积分 10美元的CVS礼品卡,可获得2000点TikTok积分 5美元的Dunkin'礼品卡,可获得1000TikTok积分 5美元的汉堡王礼品卡,可获得1000TikTok积分 用5美元的Target礼品卡换取1000点TikTok积分


Before purchasing your first project on Fiverr, use the referral. Once you make your first purchase $5 will be credited to your referrer's account. You may not make any money on this referral directly, but what goes around, comes around. Enter your referral code once you register, so the next person can send $5 your way!




Invite a friend to join and shop at Walmart. Once they’ve completed the purchase, you will receive a $10 promo code for your next order.


Invite your friends and earn up to a 40% commission on their trading fees!

7 Eleven

Earn 1000 Points for you and a friend when they sign up for 7-Eleven Rewards!

Microsoft Rewards

Get rewarded when you search, shop, and play with Microsoft. It's easy to earn points and redeem them for rewards like gift cards and sweepstakes entries.

Binance US

Invite your friends and earn up to a 40% commission on their trading fees!