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When you refer a friend to 1Q, you will get paid 25¢ instantly for each member when they register with your 1Q referral link.


Earn 10% Killi Paycheck earnings of all friends you refer


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Pays $3-$5 in gift cards per referral

The Panel Station

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QualNow is a company that provides instant customer insight for companies through video conversation. Companies can receive qualitative feedback from their target customers within minutes. QualNow realizes that for over a century marketers have relied on in-person interviews and focus groups as their primary method to gather knowledge and additional insight on their customer base. With the broadband/mobile internet access around the country today QualNow realizes this is the perfect time to create an online database. As a user you will be responsible for viewing and providing feedback with companies through the internet. When you refer someone to join QualNow you and the new user will receive $5 bonuses to your accounts once they participate in their first online interview.