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Both referrer and referred user receive 100 units.


Play Together Bonuses Play Smite with your friend as you both enjoy these in-game benefits for playing together.

Paladins - Champions of the Realm

When your refer a friend to register for Paladins you receive several bonuses as they move further through the game. There is a milestone reward which rewards the referrer with a variety of awards as more referred friends reach level 15. A level bonus which awards the referrer with additional coins as their referred friends continue to raise their levels. There is even a play together bonus which awards both the referrer and the referred with additional rewards including gold and crystals the longer they play together. Paladins is a first-person shooter video game developed by Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of the MOBA SMITE. The game is rooted in a colorful sci-fi fantasy setting featuring Champions, playable characters that have their own unique fire-function and skills. Combat in Paladins is also nearly entirely skillshot-based, meaning projectiles can be dodged. Although each champion has their own personality and abilities, to get around Paladins' maps, the real character variation comes from the Cards and Item Systems that augments a champion in different ways.